Art Challenge No.2! – Worry Dolls

Hello everyone,

Hope this finds you well and staying positive in these strange and trying times.

Did you have a go at the first art challenge?

Here is the second – Worry Dolls. These may be useful to make with your children to help them to pass on their worries. Here are the instructions but if you want step by step images I suggest clicking on the Facebook link below.

You will need a peg, sticky dots or PVA glue, lengths of wool/ thread or you can also use paper strips, scissors and a felt pen.

Hold the peg upside down and stick the sticky dots or PVA to the top, just where the head would be. Start winding the thread/wool around the peg covering up any gaps. Cut the thread/wool. If you are using paper I suggest using thin strips.

Repeat the process for the main trunk of the doll. This section should be wider than the head section. As the peg starts to split you must stop as this is where the legs will be.

Add the sticky dots or PVA to both sides of the peg legs then start wrapping as before going down one leg. Leave a small section at the base for the feet and cut off. Repeat for the second leg.

Choose your final colour and carefully wind around the remainder of the peg to make the feet. Smooth the ends down with the PVA.

Now you can personalise your doll. Draw on a face and add hair and any more details you might want to add to the doll’s clothes, buttons etc.
Your worry doll is ready!

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