Art, Making Friends and Community

Being creative brings people together whether they are working on an individual piece or a group project.  People tend to start talking about the artistic processes they are engaged with, this acts as the groundwork for delving a little deeper into each others lives and very soon, a new friend has been made. Art is great for breaking the ice, a piece of common ground.


Last weekend I hosted my second Family Festive Craft Party. Held in the beautiful space of St. Andrew’s Church, tables were laid out with Christmas craft activities with the idea of bringing families together to spend a few hours making and talking at an otherwise very busy time of year.

The event was attended by young and old, people from different genders, cultures and society but the key thing was that everybody came together through one purpose, art and creativity. It gave people the perfect excuse to put down their phones and use their hands for a different purpose. It offered the opportunity to remember how to be sociable, not just with their own family but with others as well.

We became a community.

I want to thank everybody who attended, you all helped to affirm my vision of using art as a positive tool to bring people together. The funny thing is, you didn’t even realise you were doing it!

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