Party Like an Egyptian!

Art and History are my 2 favourite interests so when asked to prepare a party on the theme of Egypt I was naturally very excited with my mind whirling over possible activities.

Once I had calmed down, I allowed my mind to digest the brief and then waited for THE idea to materialize in my head. This can happen at any given time but I have to say it happens fairly frequently whilst lying in the bath or that old trick of when trying to go to sleep. After a good week or so, it was a sunny Sunday morning and BAM! there was the idea and I knew this was it and I couldn’t believe I hadn’t done this before! Goes to show the plethora of opportunities and ideas art can give us, there is always more to do, more to try and more to learn.

So the idea was to prepare plaster blocks which would represent the tomb or temple walls. These blocks could be painted on to replicate a tomb painting or carved into to create a relief like the outside of a temple, Edfu for example, and then of course there is the possibility of doing both together. Painting on or carving into plaster was a first for all the party goers and after initial hesitations, they soon relaxed, gained confidence and produced some stunning pieces! I rarely repeat an activity but this is one I would be happy to do again and maybe even make one for myself!

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