Art Challenge No.1

Hello everyone,

In an effort to find ways to occupy the children over the coming months, I will be posting art ideas, games and challenges. These will be great ways of adding variety into the day and will support the National Curriculum art standards too. I am also aware that not everyone has access to art materials at home so I will keep this in mind when planning the activities for you.

I hope you find the activities useful, do let me know.
Take care now, keep a positive mind and we can and will get through this.


Art Challenge No1 


Search the house and find and draw objects that begin with the letters in your name. So my objects are a lipstick, ice cream, spoon and avocado.
Other ideas…….
  • Can you do your surname too?
  • Or your pets name.
  • Maybe your whole family?
  • Fold your drawings to make a zig zag book.
  • Stick your name drawing on your bedroom door as a name plate.

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