We Will Remember Them

There is nothing like art to evoke thought and emotion in others and there have been some amazing art installations to commemorate Remembrance Day and those who made the ultimate sacrifice.

I’m sure you can remember the poppy installation of 2014 at the Tower of London and how successful it was in attracting people of all ages to witness the scale and feel the impact of the sea of red in the Tower’s moat. Created by artists Paul Cummins and Tom Piper, there were 888,246 ceramic poppies, each¬†poppy representing a British military fatality during the WW1.

Last year, to commemorate 100 years since the end of WW1, the faces of over 30 fallen soldiers were drawn into the sand on beaches around the UK.  Again, to see them, like a huge black and white photograph in the sand just brings it all into perspective. The face of a real person who lived through the agony of leaving their family not knowing if they would ever return. We must continue to remember and honour these men.

The image I have posted is from a half term workshop I did this year based on the poppy paintings of the artist Georgia O’Keefe. By linking her work with events in history, having children discuss the relevance of the poppy and then make art about it is my contribution to ensure that the younger children of today continue to remember in the years to come.

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